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4LightData Forms lets you create and manage data for "Topics" (single table relational databases) and the forms that display their data. A Topic can have multiple data fields, quick list forms, and entry forms. Data can be pasted or imported into existing fields, and copied to memory or exported to text files.

Multiple list forms can be created for a Topic to display different views. Search and memory functions allow for ad-hoc groupings of records. Show statistics and printouts with grand totals.

Data transformations can be performed on a field, or from one field to another.

A drawing module is used to create the fields, and to create entry forms. The entry forms can be designed for convenient data entry, or to print a selection of records in various paper sizes. Fields can be placed in entry forms to automatically combine together during preview and printing.

Field types include: text, styled text, checkbox, whole number, decimal, dollar, date, 24 hour time, AM/PM time, and picture.

Simple drawing types for entry form design include: text, line, ellipse, rectangle, arc, polygon, and image. Pictures can also be pasted into the form design.

Currently available as a beta test version

Feel free to volunteer bug finds and feature suggestions to contact@4LightData.com.


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