History v5

--- v4.20131031 --
Draw: Improved Undo, scaling and automatic sizing.
-- v4.20130917 --
Base: Fixed bug where a label will not appear when the field is marked to hide and the label is marked to display. Fixed Graph style 2 would ignore the current selection of table records and select all table records.
-- v4.20130916 --
Base: Added an instruction for recovering a hidden window when editing. An alert appears when double clicking a calculated picture.
Draw: Clicking on an object within a group or selection will display the object's stroke and fill attributes in the attributes area. The Draw color palette window becomes hidden when clicking the "More" button to display the System's RGB color selector. The drawing size will be expanded to a mouse click outside the drawing area. Cosmetic changes to the attributes area.
-- v4.20130909 --
Draw: The rotation tool is now set to zero when creating any new object.
-- v4.20130905 --
Draw: Allow the width and height of a line to be displayed and entered. Selection Tool now allows different types to be selected. Added a tool to make a selection of lines start and end in the same horizontal or vertical direction. Now keeps pipe settings between sessions. Allow pipe settings to be read from selected objects. Improved the behavior of the enter key to activate and deactivate editing text.
-- v4.20130805 --
Added a second Graphing style to better support SVG pictures.
Draw: Fixed where the selection rectangle would not appear when the mouse is first down over a locked group. Fixed where a group could be selected when only partially covered by the selection rectangle and the command key was not down.
-- v4.20130802--
Changes to support 4LightStarter, an interpreted structure for use with 4D Developer and 4LightData Base.
-- v4.20130722--
This version applies a 4D update.
-- v4.20130701 --
Added: A warning appears when a copy of the program that has been used with one data file is opening a data file with a different structure.
Fixed: Error when comparing real number columns. Error when exiting the list form after comparing fields from the same table.
-- v4.20130624 --
Changed: Added 'find & replace' to the Text Request dialog. Cleaned up the Styled Text Request dialog. Executable Table Code can now be saved and edited. The Edit Code dialog window now includes the Formula Editor.
-- v4.20130621 --
Fixed: Subtotals column footer formula is now applied to all columns. Reinstalled the Charting plugin. The printed list form's grid now matches the displayed form's grid. Cosmetic fixes.
Changed: Removed the restriction that a table rule must contain the assignment operator :=. Allow table rules to be temporarily disabled.
Draw: Selection tool must entirely surround an object to select it. Hold the command key to select an object by touching part of it with the selection tool. TextArea width and height values are displayed.
-- v4.20130617 --
Changed: Using a faster, lighter font picker.
Added: Can set the list form's gridlines' colors and visibility.
Draw: Changed the default font to Arial. Fixed "Fill-opacity" upper case problem. Separated resizing the document from the repair routine. Resizing adds shifting the top left object to 1,1 (shift key) and cropping the document size to the bottom right object (option key). Switched to a faster font picker.
-- v4.20130527 --
Added: Records can be added in the list window using command L for a new line. The report button now includes the option to print the highlighted records or record selection as it appears in the list window. The list form columns for a table can be reset to the default look from the Utilities dialog.
Fixed: Resetting columns to default correctly displays the row and font default settings.
Draw: Preserve offset while duplicating multiple times. Deselecting using the shift key works for objects with single handles (all handles are given ID's). Added a "fast selection" option for creating a large selection where no member will need to be deselected (some handles don't get an ID).
-- v4.20130520 --
Added: The row height, font size and font family can be set in the list forms.
Draw: Improved preserving svg definitions and namespaces when importing documents. Add a "cleanup" method that is applied to objects when documents are imported. Holding the alt/option key down while grabbing a handle of a selected object is like grabbing the object rather than the handle. Printed pictures are converted to ".png" to preserve shadows on objects. Fixed bug where only the first of multiple files dropped into the drawing would be imported.
-- v4.20130515 --
Draw: Unlocking an object now selects it. Fixed error caused after holding the shift key, clicking in the empty space and dragging, and later selecting an object. Rotated objects snap back to 0 when being resized. Text will be rotated from the center or from the top left when the alt/option key is down. Fixed error when unlocking all locked objects. Locked objects can be selected while pressing the alt/option key.
-- v4.20130506 --
Draw: Autosize and Repair, when holding down the shift key, shift the drawing so items with negative coordinates are moved into the visible area. End point arrows can, on both ends, point away from the center or toward the center of a line. Objects can be given an "isLocked" attribute (right-click or control-click the object). An object with this attribute cannot be selected or moved. The handle of the fixed or first point of a selected line, path, polyline or polygon is colored green.
-- v4.20130428 --
Added: Find - will also search for "quoted text" within a search term.
Draw: speed up some selection and object moving operations. Add 16 x 16 color palette.
-- v4.20130422 --
Draw: Fix Color Palette not saving a color that has no name. Resizing now affects objects within groups. More fixes to 90 degree arcs. Added resize tools for arcs. Added an arc 90 w/no fill. Allow keyboard entry of widths into the piping tool settings. Shortcut keys for the Tool palette are command 0-9 and shift command 1 & 2.
-- v4.20130415 --
Added: a "Run Code" button in the list form to allow the entry and execution of a block of 4D commands and expressions.
Draw: fix problems with 90 degree arcs being created and resized.
-- v4.20130408 --
List window:
-Added "Table Rules" button. 4D language expressions can be applied manually to a selection, during record entry or along with transformations.
-"Set Enterable" button added so tabbing can be restricted to selected columns.
-"Find Duplicates" and "Find Unique" pop-ups respect the Searches "highlight" or "retrieve" setting.
-Columns that display checkboxes are now center aligned.
Entry window:
-Forms button/Edit Layout - right click an alpha field see an option to set the field to the word representation of a number field (Three Dollars and 50/100). Currency type is variable and fraction part is optional.
-Added a button that will remove all entry forms for all tables.
--Opening a drawing was losing the text alignment settings.
-Tables could lose their forms with a program update.
-About… window's program file path was incorrect.
-- v4.20130401 --
Draw improvements:
SVG fonts more accurately represent the System font list. Search picker added to selector dialog.
Sending a document image to the clipboard does not remove the handles before copying. Now a user choice.
Tools menu: selected objects are copied to an SVG document on the Clipboard.
SVG document on the Clipboard can replace or merge with the current document.
Speed up selecting objects. When more than 15 objects are selected, the handles of #16 and above are not given ID's. They cannot be 'grabbed' and are used only to indicate that the object is selected.
Speed up moving objects with arrow keys.
Poly object point Editor: the point with the focus has a green hollow handle.
TextArea, groups, polylines and polygons are better behaved with the alignment tools.
Horizontal and vertical distribution tool allows even center distance or even gaps between objects.
-- v4.20130325 --
Drawing, spreadsheet and word processing documents can now be managed and saved within the database, removing a need to always save to a volume.
Some buttons now have shortcuts, indicated in their help tips. (shift key ¬)(command key ^)
WebArea has a button to capture a selection of the screen to the clipboard.
WebArea has a Bookmark function.
Draw: Arcs and groups act more as expected with the alignment and angle tools.
-- v4.20130311 --
Improved the integration of Draw in the list form for print merging.
Draw: Arc Sweep tool fixed. Line length display corrected. Arcs work a little better with the alignment tools. Fonts load more quickly.
-- v4.20130307 --
Fixed an error that appeared when selecting a menu item after opening the Draw module from a list window.
Draw docs opened from the Navigation palette have a Save dialog on close.
-- v4.20130304 --
Double click a picture field to edit the picture.
Miscellaneous changes to accommodate Draw improvements.
Draw module improvements:
-Closed arcs remain closed after move or group operations.
-New pencil, new line and new text start in the correct position during a zoom.
-Rotating a group now rotates around the group center.
-Redesigned the color selection palette.
-Improved importing svg documents.
-Improved Shadow tool interface.
-Esc key can be used to cancel a drag operation.
-Polygon tool will produce a polyline if the option key is down when placing the first point.
-Allow polygons to be changed into polylines and vice versa.
-Changing a color no longer deselects the selected objects.
-Added a group selection tool to help collect objects by attributes.
-Now using the actual menu bar for menus.
-- v4.20130216 --
List form: added pop-up to find unique values in the displayed selection
Draw: can apply shadows to objects, new repair document function
-- v4.20130211 --
Fixed an error when canceling the search for a picture on disk.
Converting Picture fields to other types caused an error. The new field is now created empty.
Disabled the alignment tools when only one or no object is selected.
Filling fields with a UUID now has the default option of filling only the empty fields.
Except for picture fields, transformations default to using RAM rather than disk to perform the changes.
Report and Graph will use the highlighted records or the current selection if none is highlighted.
-- v4.20130204 --
Fixed an error which can occur when hiding and showing fields or labels.
Added picture scaling options and display formats for number, date and time fields.
Added a setting to allow picture and text fields to expand and shrink with the window resizing.
Paper limits can be displayed in the entry/design window.
Field names and entry order can be displayed in the design window.
Field entry order can be set.
Added alignment tools to the Layout Edit window.
Employed the DatePicker. Type a ? inside a date field for a pop-up calendar.
Date field entry: = for now. Y, M or D adds a year, month or day. y, m or d subtracts a year, month or day. + and - keys change the day. Similarly for time entry, only use H, M and S.
-- v4.20130128 --
Fix some problems in layouts caused by deleting fields or tables.
Added Barcodes. A picture field can be used as a barcode representation of another field in the same record. The barcode format and field can be different in each form. In "Edit Layout", control-click a picture and select "Picture properties".
Merged "Hide/Show" into Positions management in the layout editing window.
-- v4.20130121.1 --
Print bug fix: If a form's layout positioned any field above the first printed text field, the field's contents would not be displayed.
-- v4.20130121 --
Each table can have multiple detail forms which can be used for entry or printing.
Each form can have it's own background picture. An image (PDF, jpeg, png, tiff, try a file, see if it goes…) file can be dragged onto the form's background area or pasted from the clipboard once the background has been clicked on. Added a tool to adjust the picture's position.
Use the detail form's Manage menu to:
- edit the current form's layout
- take a screenshot of the detail page
- add, duplicate, rename and delete forms
- switch forms
A new item in the Draw program's Tools menu to copy the drawing to the clipboard as a picture.
Right-click a label in Edit Layout window to edit the label. Right-click the selected text for options.
Right-click a label or a field in Edit Layout window to edit the styles of the selected objects.
-- v4.20130114 --
Fixed sync problem with picture scrolling.
Draw Module: Print and Print Merge with pictures from database printed at the correct z level.
-- v4.20130110 --
Improvements in the quality of printed forms.
Allow pictures in searches that will display a matching list of another table's field.
Added a Count column and the ability to select a footer formula in the Subtotals result window.
-- v4.20130108 --
Search a field of a table to display records matching a field in the current table's highlighted records.
-- v4.20130107 --
Added to the Entry Form:
Labels can display styled text.
Checkbox labels are now separate like text labels allowing them to be styled.
Fields and labels can be hidden on the entry form.
Arrow keys can be used to move and resize fields and labels.
Printing snapshots of the entry form is available from the list or entry forms.
-- v4.20130103 --
Draw Module: Print and Print Merge will print pictures from embedded database picture fields.
-- v4.20130101 --
Added: Ability to duplicate a table
Change: Find_picture_on_disk moved to "Compare Field Data" section. Interface made more flexible.
Added: Find and highlight records with field contents matching the contents of a selected field
Fix: Formula query now respects "Highlight" and "Retrieve" radio button settings
Fix: Field names not accepting uppercase letters
Fix: Variance statistic was showing the Sum
Fix: Adding fields: new fields appear at the end of the list. Select the field type by clicking the Type column.
-- v4.20121228--
"Mass Update" relabeled as "Transform…". A destination field must be selected.
Added: Reduce text to its unique words
Added: Find a field's picture on disk and show its location
Added: Create a list of the words in a field that are not recognized by the Spell Checker
Added: Scrambling a field's characters
Added: Spell checking in the entry form
-- v4.20121221 --
Added: progress indicators when applying changes to Tables.
Added: right click a column to view or set the width.
Added: "Mass Update". In addition to the "Apply Formula" button, Mass Update offers guided access to some of the built in 4D functions, allowing transformations to a field within a selected group of records. The results of a transformation can be applied back to the original field or used to replace the contents of another field. This also facilitates copying contents between fields of the same type.
The transformations include:
Text: append, replace, trim, UUID, change case
Number: arithmetic, trigonometric, algebraic, rounding
Time, Date, True/False and Picture operations
(suggestions are welcome)
Bug fix: inserting a column (right click a column) could display the wrong column name at first.
-- v2012.12.17 --
List window:
The Totals button now presents a choice list for Sum, Average, Min, Max, Std deviation, Sum squares, and Variation.
Add the ability to search the contents of a table using a formula.
Add 'Time' to the list of field types that can be searched.
Add 'Picture' to the list of fields for which duplicates can be searched.
Simple Browser:
Add the ability to display a page's source.
Find Duplicates: Records are sorted if duplicates are found.
Open Edit Window opens without first hiding and showing the window.
Allow the totals dialog to display larger numbers.
-- v2012.12.12 --
List window:
Remove Label button (editor unavailable)
Replace with Lo and Hi buttons to dim or highlight the entire selection.
Update the help window.
Form Edit:
Stabilize window resizing.
Add select all button
Table Edit:
Fix error that appears when changing a field and adding a field during the same session.
Added: ability to reposition fields and labels in the entry form.