Version 5

CAIT helps you track the condition, cost, serial number, budget, funding, manufacturer, model, movement history, and miscellaneous information for individual items.

Locations can be tiered up to as many levels as needed such as:

  • District-Campus-Building
  • City-Dealer-Lot-Warehouse-Section
  • Region-Manager-Rep
  • Warehouse-Section-Rack
  • Discipline-Subject-Author, etc...

Provides customizable pre-built reports, as well as free form searches, reports and labels.

Items are automatically assigned a sequential Number and Tag. The Tag can be replaced with your item identifier, and printed in bar code.

Items can be moved between locations individually or in groups.

Free to track items in up to four locations. $299 for unlimited Locations.


CAIT version 4 Users can "Export to CAIT v5" from the v4 File menu.

After installation "Import from CAIT v4" from the v5 File menu.

Download the version 5 installer package.

The "Show downloads" button at the top right corner of a Safari window shows the most recently downloaded files.

Double-click CAIT5.pkg and install.


Open from the Applications folder.

If this is a first time installation, create a datafile. The datafile's default location is your Documents folder.

Requires Mac OS X 10.11.6 "El Capitan" or later

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