Capital Asset Inventory Tracker

Free to track up to 30 inventory assets. $299 for unlimited use.

CAIT helps you track the location, condition, cost, serial number, budget, funding, manufacturer, model, movement history and miscellaneous information of individual capital or fixed asset items.

Locations can be tiered up to three levels such as:

  • District-Campus-Building
  • City-Dealer-Lot
  • Region-Manager-Rep
  • Warehouse-Section-Rack
  • Discipline-Subject-Paper, etc...

A 'Room' field is also available for each item to further specify its location.

Each level can be given a password, and manage its own inventory with the addition of the client/server environment.

Pre-built reports include cost, movement and check list. The program provides free form searches, reports and labels, with the ability to print bar codes (Code 39) for the item number.

Item numbering is manual if you choose to provide an existing number, or automatic when adding items without providing a number.

Items can be moved to locations individually or in groups.

Download the installer package.

The "Show downloads" button at the top right corner of a Safari window shows the most recently downloaded files. Double-click CAIT.pkg to start the installation.

Open CAIT.app from the Applications folder. If this is a first time installation, create a datafile. The default location is your Documents folder.



Use "Locations" to define your organization's structure.

Use "Items" to view inventory status, movement history and cost reports.

Items are received, created and transferred between locations using the features in the green area.

Features shown in the blue area help maintain supporting tables for the inventory.


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