Capital Asset Inventory Tracker

-- 4.170920 --
The Name, if left blank, will equal the ID when adding a Vendor, Manufacturer, or Model.
Added search and list managment options.
Some cosmetic changes.
Update to 4D v16 64 bit.
-- 3.20160722 --
Corrected bug introduced when printing the Subtotal dialog.
-- 3.20160721 --
Corrected the Print button's display of calculated columns, and a selection of rows.
Corrected displaying the availability of an update on the sign in page.
-- 3.20160701 --
Printing the highlighted items in the Item list displays the total for the selected.
Items can be subtotaled by more fields.
Item list has a quick hide and get buttons for discarded items in a selection.
Added a "Remember" button to work with temporarily memorized set of items.
Added "Find Any" button to the Item list for a more flexible quick search.
Changed Find/Report subtotal reports.
-- 3.20160319 --
The Item list window's Totals button correctly chooses the highlighted items or entire selection for Model ID.
The History list window displays the Model ID.
Receipts entry retains the currently selected location when a new item is added.
The "New" button in the Item list widow retains the last selected location for the item being added.
Added quick lookup areas in the Item list window on page 1 and page 2 for manufacturer, model ID, serial#, type, and group.
The Print button in the Item list window prints the list as displayed.
Remove an error message when logging in that can appear if the password system is disabled.
-- 3.20160215 --
Fixed 'enter' key not accepting the record in New Item entry.
Item entry, the vendor is now selected if the first few letters are a unique match.
The pop-up menu for printing now appears below the print button when activated by command-P.
Added an option to disable login for users with a blank password
-- 3.20151219 --
Added totals and subtotals to the list windows.
Fixed bug that made printing the totals page produce an empty page.
Totals button displays list in sorted order.
-- 3.20151214 --
Prevent error that appers when creating a new datafile
Create 'Batch Add' windows for Inventory and Models
Can now perform a mass change on Discarded, Condition, Group, Type, Location, Budget and Funding
Can add to Item Comments when performing a mass change on Location
Multiple serial numbers can be pasted when Receiving
Update to 4D v15.1
-- 2.20150512 --
The data file location will be remembered after an update.
Fixed: The item list can be left in an enterable state after changing an item's location from the "Change" area.
-- 2.20150416 --
Add a photo field for items.
Any user can sign into an area that has no password.
-- v2.20150415 --
Automatically check for updates
Allow selective posting for a Count

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