Sales Orders with Invoicing

Customer & Inventory List

Multiple Bill From

Purchase Orders


Multiple Billing Companies:
Multiple invoice formats can be created, each with its own company name, logo and tax rate.
Each customer can have a default billing company.
The billing company can be selected for an invoice at any time.
Sales Orders:
Partial invoicing with automatic creation of backorders.
Track by sales reps or code.
Purchase Orders:
Track requester of items.
Drop shipping.
Partial receiving.
Automatic Adoption of Vendor Part Numbers:
The vendor’s number for a part can be entered into the PO or when the PO is being received.
The vendor’s number can automatically replace the item’s existing number.
Duplicated Part Numbers :
Every item in the item file has a unique identifying number, however the Part# and Description are not required to be unique for each item. This allows an item’s cost to reflect the unique costs of its purchase rather than the program’s automatic cost averaging. Vendor part numbers may also be duplicated in the case of Automatic Adoption described above.
Serial numbers:
Can be attached to items as they are received, sold and inventoried.
A serial number’s history will show the vendor, item and customer.
Departmental Pricing:
Departments have a default markup.
Items can be assigned to a Department.
Customers can receive their own markup for a Department, receive the Department’s standard markup, or default to retail.
Free Form:
Reports, Labels, Graphs and Searches are available in each listing window.
Quick Info:
Search, Total, and Subtotal buttons are available to display sales, costs and profits by Item, Vendor or Customer over any time period.
Repair and backup utilities included.

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