==Version 6.180827 ================================================
App is 64 bit
Cosmetic changes in buttons
Fix searching for open POs by Item and vendor
Align fields in the Item Adjustment entry window
Fixed an error switching Report types from list to cross-tab
Expanded the barcode options for labels
Changed Write, Draw, and View modules
Added more data display levels (if available) when right-clicking a column in a list form.
==Version 5.20160722================================================
Added printing options to list and entry forms.
Fixed serial number selection changing Sales detail display order.
Added button in the Item list to show duplicate part numbers.
Fixed some buttons in list forms not updating the line count.
==Version 5.20160527 ================================================
Change Navigation to Toolbar style
Made the Quick Edit Drawing persist between application sessions.
Added Printing to the Sales Order "List" window.
Fixed a modal display problem for reports.
Fixed tab display problem in entry windows when using the previous and next buttons.
Fixed adding serial numbers in a new Sales Order.
Fixed Sales Order Overdue button including older not invoiced documents.
Fixed Credit entry in Sales Order.
Fixed PO Item becomes deselected when adding a new Inventory part.
==Version 5.20160520================================================
Stability fix when right-clicking a column to temporarily display another field.
==Version 5.20160422================================================
Added more choices to search by and change column contents.
Changed Sales payments deposit group ID style.
Allow print merge with Draw module.
Improved Subtotals choices.
==Version 5.20160206================================================
Fixed over scaling of printed logo on sales orders.
Add a Sales Order button to highlight the invoices in the current selection.
Add find by date buttons in Sales Order list forms.
Added a confirmation when printing POs.
Improved responsiveness of pop-up menus.
==Version 5.20160129================================================
Item Movement report can be printed or copied to the Clipboard.
Center checkboxes in list forms.
Use new Totals dialog box.
Hide Sales 'Date Due' calendar pop-up when document is not an invoice.
==Version 5.20150206================================================
Add Quick search of Sales Order Detail by Vendor
Add Quick search of Items by Vendor and Customer
Add Quick search of Adjustments by Vendor and Customer
Fix Word Processor and Spread Sheet not launching from the Show menu
==Version 5.20150205================================================
Made the Deposit Group number visible.
Updated the Drawing module.
==Version 5.20150126================================================
Added a "List" button to the Sales Order window, to provide an overview window of the order's items.
Fixed window opening error in Setup.
PO & SO finding by item now uses the Item ID
Better quality when printing the Company Logo if using shadows.
Added the date created to a serial# record.
Fixed contact eMail for feedback.
==Version 5.20150101================================================
Hide the SO "manual inventory" message when an order is not invoiced.
SO Payments show if a payment amount is included in a Deposit and updates the deposit amount if the payment amount is changed.
Color code sales orders; red=negative profit, blue=not invoiced.
Color code purchase orders; green=not placed, blue=open.
Clicking the "Item" button in PO finds the item by ID and by Part#.
Improved the "Add to Sales Order" button in PO.
Improved copying serial numbers from the Customer Item list page.
User interface improvements.
Add "Inactive" to the Item record. Inactive Items can be hidden from lists.
"Totals" buttons will total the highlighted records or the entire selection if none is highlighted.
==Version 5.20141215================================================
Changed app delivery method to Installer Package.
Display message when searching for open POs and all POs have been filled.
Cosmetic and convenience changes to layouts and forms.
Some Draw improvements.
Item manual count: allow search by Item ID and duplicate part numbers.
==Version 5.20141001================================================
Shortened the Navigation panel.
Added new search dialog for Items.
==Version 5.20140927================================================
New dialog to find Items from the Sales Order.
Easier access to sales item detail window in the Sales Order.
==Version 5.20140926================================================
Adding a new item to the Item list within a PO could force the user to reload the PO.
Allow the SO to handle duplicate part numbers within the Item file.
Command N within a SO always adds a new Item unless Payments or Credits has the focus.
==Version 5.20140925================================================
Update to 4D v14
Added "ship to" & "bill to" for POs
Switched to new draw module
Option to have SO Detail cost autoload from Item file
Option to change Our Item# to the Vendor Item# when receiving
Inventory - can clear department
Setup - removed Write to format Statement heading
SalesOrder paytype list gets error after printing statements unless SO list is closed and reopened.
Various cosmetic changes
==Version: 4.20140814================================================
Fixed inventory locking on add
==Version: 4.20140512================================================
Added: Item movement report over a date range.
Fixed: Error when changing from barcode to plain inventory tag.
==Version: 4.20140301================================================
Improvement in update checking
==Version: 4.20131123================================================
Changed: selected record number display in entry forms.
Fixed: Routine to compare versions using the new version format.
Added: Serial # buttons in Item and Customer entry forms to make it more convenient to display that records related serial numbers. Option to automatically check for program updates on startup.
==Version: 4.20131115================================================
Applied an update to the Draw module.
Rename “Department” to “Category”.
The look of the list widow interface.
The Draw module interface.
Price levels for customers and items by Sales Department.
A “fixed” print style where the graphic logo spans a full printed page and lays on top of the printed text.
Display of quantities on sales and purchase orders to the Item list.
Print menu item to list windows. Duplicating of a PO.
Tracking of Serial numbers.
Paragraph style invoice printing with larger paragraphs.
==Version: 4.20130527================================================
Improvements to the Draw module.
==Version: 4.130408================================================
Use new component interface in the Draw module.
Draw module improvements:
Closed arcs remain closed after move or group operations.
New pencil, new line and new text start in the correct position during a zoom.
Rotating a group now rotates around the group center.
Redesigned the color selection palette.
Improved importing svg documents.
Improved Shadow tool interface.
Esc key can be used to cancel a drag operation.
Polygon tool will produce a Polyline if the option key is down when placing the first point.
Allow polygons to be changed into polylines and vice versa.
Changing a color no longer deselects the selected objects.
Added a group selection tool to collect objects by attributes.
Draw menus are actual menus.
==Version: 4.130114================================================
Fixed sync problem with picture scrolling.
Added a Count column and the ability to select a footer formula in the Subtotals result window.sssssss
Draw Module: Print and Print Merge will print pictures from embedded database picture fields.
==Version: 4.121203================================================
Bug fix:
Draw: Text rotation preserved on saving and loading from Draw's File menu.
==Version: 4.121117================================================
Label printer setup: hide zeros display in the absence of a PO
Bug fix:
Scale buttons in Draw tool were blocked
==Version: 4.121105================================================
Set Sales Orders and SO Detail to blue, and Invoices to black.
Receipts: Delete button has option to delete all Receipt's PO and Item changes, or just the Receipt's heading.
Setup: There is now a password to access the program and a different password to access the Setup form.
Bug Fix:
Purchase Order - printing was incorrectly being allowed for a new, unsaved PO.
==Version: 4.121029================================================
Item: Added 'Physical Count' button and posting window to facilitate taking a physical inventory count.
Setup: Add option to force Item Part numbers to UPPERCASE.
Sales Order: Improve wildcard search for Items.
Receipt: Change 'Last 10' button to 'Recent' and allow selection of a number of days.
Find in list forms picks a default search value even with more than one line highlighted.
Right-click (most) list form columns to select another field to display in the column.
==Version: 4.121022================================================
Customer Statement - include a checkbox for showing open items before the cutoff date.
Make shortcuts for 'add' (command n) and 'delete' (command d) work for all three list areas in Sale Order entry.
Add button to set an Item's quantity to a given number, in addition to changing a quantity by a number.
Item barcodes preceeded by a control N (ASCII 14) and followed by a tab (ASCII 9) simulate data entry.
Bug Fixs:
Graph could crash when an Item Description was too long.
==Version: 4.121015================================================
Sales Order Detail quick graphs.
A customer payment can be spread over several Invoices. Deposits keep split payments grouped.
Deleting a deposit releases the attached payments automatically.
Add footer to customer ledger printout.
Add button to quickly find a single item on all open purchase orders.
Bug Fix:
Invoicing could omit the billing company logo on the first print.
Make navigation buttons in entry forms display the record.
Allow pop-up-menus to handle special characters.
==Version: 4.121008================================================
Feature requests:
Customer statements and sales label font size may be set individually or globally.
Set label height to 70 points.
Let label text for the invoice's Taxpayer ID field be a user preference.
The purchase of the word processor and spreadsheet modules for client/server mode is now optional.
Unload records more quickly when not in use
Decrease sales order delay in inventory background update
Display Customer window from Sales Order
Zoom and print customer image from Customer Window
One-up Barcode label (1.14x3.54)" for Items. Available from Item, Receipt and PO windows
Miscellaneous interface refinements
Bug Fixes:
Statements now use customer label instead of customer name.
Fix bad label display for first record |< button in entry windows.
Deposits: payments can be removed by unchecking the payment
Receipts: the new description in the receipt replaces the Item's current description
Add item to Sales Order from PO was adding the item twice
Invoice button was always printing the Plain text form
==Version: 4.121001================================================
Importing allowed in Light Mode. The first 10 existing customers are retained.
Statement and Sales Order address label widened.
Taxpayer ID added to customer record to display on the invoice
Bug Fix: received quantities were incorrectly displayed
==Version: 4.120928================================================
added PO's
==Version: 3.120820================================================
SO Backorders allowed
fixed problem with multipage statements
Add a vendor list and vendor item links
Allow mass update for Item Department
Cosmetic fixes
==Version: 3.120812================================================
Draw: fonts are displayed.
==Version: 3.120805================================================
Modify Drawing color palette. Change button styles for lists.
Hide unnecessary interface elements for non-stocking Items.
==Version: 3.120701================================================
added inventory tracking
Version: 2.12G07