Quickstart Manual


----- 3.180820 -----
Added "Find in this List" to each List window.
"Find" in Resources and Groups displays found lists in addition to the Lists being displayed.
The default name for a new List record added using the "+" is "_unlinked_entry_".
The app is now 64 bit.
----- 2.20150719 -----
List items can be linked, unlinked, and individually updated within the list item's notes window.
The resources window List menu, "Show Lists with...", no longer closes the open lists before showing the lists found in the search.
New options in the list window's List menu:
- Unlink a list item from a parent resource
- Resize open windows to the current window's size.
- Resize the current, or all open windows heights to show all items.
- Auto-arrange window positions.
- Display the paper size behind the open lists.
- Added a help menu.
----- 2.20150629 -----
The number column of a list can be resized and will print when displayed.
Fixed the resource Number and Category collapse button.
----- 2.20150532 -----
Printing the resource list now includes column headings.
Changes to Resources made using the 'Fonts' and 'Row Color' menus are now immediately reflected throughout the Lists.
Fixed the background color on highlighted rows.
Highlighted resources can be add or removed from open lists.
Future updates can be self installing.
Print Settings are remembered.
----- 2.20150322 -----
Added a preference to have the changes made to a Resource automatically propagate out to the Lists that its copies reside in.
Changed the method of printing open lists.
----- 2.20141022 -----
Fixed: Globally hide and show value column of displayed groups.
Fixed: Print values and notes.
Added: The manual to the Help menu
----- 2.20141010 -----
Narrowed number column in lists.
Updated to v14.3 engine.
----- 2.20140428 -----
A feature guide is provided in the Help menu.
The ‘delete’ key can also be used to delete highlighted lines.
New items are inserted in lists at the cursor. If no line is selected they are inserted at the list’s end.
Added a Page Setup menu item. Selecting Print Open Lists while pressing the option key also presents the Page Setup menu.
Allow multiple lines to be selected in group list windows for setting color and style, and deleting lines.
Modified the Style/Font picker used for decorating highlighted lines.
Downloading updates occurs in the background.
Corrected: New lines which had not been edited could have the text hidden when the line was highlighted.
----- 2.20140425 -----
Added an options to automatically check for updates and to assist in downloading an update.
----- 2.20140418 -----
Fixed the cursor shape and line selection Drag & Drop visual cues.
Fixed a problem where the blinking cursor could get stuck within a collapsed column.