Free to Download and display up to the most recent 30 days of invoices.

$20 to allow unrestricted use.

Ways to select lines in a list:

  • choose Select All (command A) from the Edit menu
  • click a line
  • hold the command key and click lines to select or unselect.
  • click a line, hold the shift key and click another line

Highlighting lines is useful when:

  • clicking the button named "Highlighted"in order to reduce the selection to the highlighted records
  • clicking the printer button named "Invoice" to print the highlighted invoices

More Info :

Report Editor

Label Editor

Program Changes

Why the Copy eMail button on the Invoice entry page?

  • Just to save a few steps when eMailing an invoice. The bottom left of the print dialog box contains a pop-up labeled "PDF". Select the "Mail PDF" option under this pop-up and Mail will appear, displaying a new eMail with the printed invoice attached. You can then paste the copied eMail address into the "To:" area of the mail message.


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